Our story.

Returning to one's roots to realize a dream.

The farmhouse "La Cerasa" was born from the deep connection with my land and the strong feeling that has always united me with my family.
Our farmhouse a few kilometers away from Fabriano is simply my birthplace, at the time surrounded exclusively by farmland. There I spent my childhood between running through the fields and playing outdoors. But fate decided it would end quickly: when I was 12 years old, I lost my father, my only sister, only 6 months after father's death, decided to get married and move to Rome. Me, 12 years old and my mom 40 years old with no job and driver's license to run what was left to us: our farm. Sacrifices, difficulties but we don't give up! I'm getting married and we decide to move to the city (it's more convenient): we live in an apartment for 10 years, but it's really too "cramped" for someone who likes to live in freedom.


Thus began the long renovation of the country cottage - dad's - adapting myself to everything: I became a bricklayer, carpenter, electrician etc... In 2006 the idea of allocating a small part of the farm to an agritourism started, but once again fate had a difficult and long trial in store for me: my beloved wife was diagnosed with "sickness," a battle we fought fiercely but lost. The agritourism remains an old dream locked in the drawer... My work forces me to travel around Italy - but not only - and during a "Milanese" transfer I meet Laura: obliged to collaborate with this "Milanese" woman, I force myself to distance myself ... but it is not so! A good feeling was born, we hung out and found that we shared many interests. We talk about my old dream-the farmhouse, "daddy's" cottage-and he urges me not to give up: I reopen that drawer that has been closed for too long and smelled like mothballs. Two years later the first welcome guests ... and the rest is well-known history!

Home & Breakfast. Our concept of hospitality.


The farmhouse "La Cerasa" was established with one purpose: to offer and introduce the tranquility and peace of the green hills of the Marche region even to those who are immersed in the chaos of the city. From the windows of the rooms, all equipped with private bathrooms, heating, LCD TVs and finished with paintings on colorful walls in a warm and familiar atmosphere, in the silence of nature it is possible to admire the beauty of the landscape interrupted only by the running of fawns and hares.

"La Cerasa" consists of three independent structures. Our guests have unlimited use of the pool and ' barbecue area. The new breakfast room, allows us to offer guests a breakfast including a wide range of fresh produce typical of the area with homemade pastries.

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