From the land to the table.

The farm allows our customers to enjoy seasonal products that we personally grow without the use of pesticides or harmful substances; the same ones that we put on our tables, we who love to eat healthy while safeguarding quality and loving what our land offers us and our farm offers you: you can buy seasonal vegetables such as tomatoes, zucchini, onions, broad beans, potatoes. The fruits of our plants are used to make delicious jams. We carefully select the fruit, and once in the lab we turn it into jam. We do not use any additives: the addition of sugar and sterilization ensure preservation. Our guests are delighted at breakfast by tarts of different flavors prepared with flour obtained from our wheat and our cherry, plum, pear jams.

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The products of our land.


The farm

Romance, nature, relaxation and adventure. Spending a weekend out of the ordinary, being welcomed by the gentle landscape of the Marchigiane hills, getting to know our animals allows children to immerse themselves in a healthy and genuine country life. A joyful and constructive experience to discover the wonders of the rural world and get in touch with all its elements.

Learn about our history



Sustainable and environmentally friendly travel.


  • Guests are provided with recycling containers, and waste is recycled
  • The facility strives to reduce food waste

Energy and greenhouse gases

  • Most of the food provided by the facility is local
  • Most of the lights in the facility use LED (energy-saving) bulbs.
  • All windows are double-glazed


  • Water-saving toilet
  • Possibility of waiving the daily cleaning of the accommodation
  • Ability to reuse towels


  • There is no interaction with wild animals kept in captivity at the facility, nor exhibition, breeding, consumption or sale of them
  • The facility includes green spaces such as gardens/hanging gardens
  • Bicycle Parking
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Farm in Fabriano

All the good of the earth, on our table.