The passion and enthusiasm have always pushed me to go further and take care of the details.

The B&B La Cerasa born with only one purpose: to provide and promote the peace and tranquility of “my” green hills even to those who are immersed in the chaos of the city. From the windows of the rooms, all with private bathroom, heating, TV and decorated with colorful paintings on the walls in a warm and familiar atmosphere, in the silence of nature is possible to admire the beauty of the landscape interrupted only by the race of deer and hares.

Allow you to sip morning coffee accompanied by a hearty breakfast with – on request – tasting of typical local products (hams, salamis and cheeses), immersed in an oasis of peace is my “Goal”. And it is with this passion that I get my guests.



The “B&B La Cerasa” comes from my deep connection with the earth and the strong feeling that I have always united to my family. Our BB is simply the home that gave me birth, at the time exclusively surrounded by agricultural land. There I spent my childhood between races for the fields and outdoor games. But fate decided in a hurry to finish: 12 years I lost my father, my only sister, after only 6 months after the death of Daddy, she decides to get married and move to Rome. I am 12 years old and my mother 40 years without a job and a license to handle what was left there: our farm. Sacrifices, difficulties, but do not give up!

I’m getting married and decide to move to the city (it is more convenient): we live in an apartment for 10 years, but it really is too “tight” for someone who likes to live in freedom. Thus begins the long renovation of the farmhouse – to Daddy – adapting myself to everything I become a mason, carpenter, electrician etc… In 2006, part of the idea of allocating a small portion of the farm to a B&B but once again the fate in store for me a long and difficult trial: to my beloved wife is diagnosed with ” evil,” the battle that we have fought fiercely but lost.

The B&B is an old dream ended in the drawer… My job forces me to turn Italy – but not only – and during a trip to Milano I know Laura: forced to work with this woman “Milanese”, I force myself to take the distances… but it is not so! a good feeling was born, we hang out and we realize that we share many interests. Let’s talk about my old dream – the B&B, the building of “Daddy” – and encourages me not to give up: I open the drawer closed for too long and that he knew of mothballs. Two years later the first welcome guests… and the rest is history!